I am Maulin! I happened to be a huge fan of Python. I work remotely from home(or from a hotel if I am travelling) for anything related to IoT, Data Scraping, Flask/Django, WordPress & Automation software.

I got into programming because I always enjoyed automating tasks. I started with C/C++ but got I wasn’t too happy with how complex the code could get. I tried my hand at Java before finally finding Python!

Why do I like Python? Its simple, easy to read & comes with tonnes of libraries & great support for it.

But why did I build my blog on WordPress? While I make all my web apps with Flask & Django, I always prefer to go for a more ready-made solution that is proven to work!

I created this blog to share tutorials of libraries I work in a way that is easy to understand and to show you how I found solutions to various problems I faced while building projects.

When I am not coding, you can find me reading books, travelling & ocassionaly scuba diving!

These are my social media handles if you want to reach out to me.
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